All in A Tiswas: Nipper Thomas interview, 18th April 2020

Ian ‘Sludge’ Lees was a semi-regular face on Tiswas, a local stand-up comedian who would appear in a few sketches and the crew loved to tip water over him, for the rather magnificent sight of his huge bubble perm being flattened by a soaking.

The funnyman passed away in 2018, so we contacted one of his colleagues from the midlands comedy circuit and had a wonderful interview about Sludge.

who's hipper than Nipper?

Nipper Thomas, a stand-up comedian who has performed on BBC’s Opportunity Knocks and is a mainstay of the comedy circuit, is interviewed by Pete Prodge about Ian’s legacy.

The interview doesn’t just touch on Tiswas, but on the west midlands comedy scene. We get some revelations about Sludge’s off-stage antics, and an anecdote on how another comedian tricked people into thinking Nipper was the Phantom Flan Flinger.