July 2020
Tiswas font
One of the compelling things about Tiswas, was that its anarchic feel appeared to saturate into everything, including the design. When the show hit its peak, being aired in almost every region, it looked like nothing else. All from the pen of Chris Wroe Sure, most people will cite the ramshackle proceedings, the random flannings...
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Chris Tarrant
“We have to get Tarrant…” We had been running the live Twitch streams for a few weeks and one of the most popular features were the live guests. This was obvious due to the feedback we had been receiving via the live chat on Twitch, Facebook & Twitter messages and more importantly we had noticed...
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Chris Tarrant on Zoom
If you excuse this horrific pun, much of the world has been placed into ‘custardy’. This also meant having a lot of time on our hands. As lockdown hit, I had an idea to do something Tiswas-related. After all, it wasn’t like we could go anywhere, plus people started embracing live online video. TiswasOnline, as...
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