All in A Tiswas: Clive Webb interview, 26th April 2020

The mad wild-eyed comedy conjuror Clive Webb was a semi-regular sight on Tiswas when the show hit its heights. He threw himself into the show’s messy slapstick humour, often quite literally. He continues the legacy with his Cirque Du Hilarious touring show.

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We touch on Clive’s entry into showbiz, which began with drumming but ended up going sideways into clowning and magic. Eventually, television opportunities arose and Tiswas became an ideal platform for showcasing his zany magic stunts.

Of course, if there ever was such a thing as a ‘Tiswas Expanded Universe’, then Clive’s subsequent work could surely fit in there, especially the gunge-soaked game show How Dare You! co-hosted with Tiswas’s John Gorman. And of course, we discuss his theatre career in which his two sons have joined and fully embraced, as they’re now stars of crazy hit CBBC show Danny And Mick.

There’s a lot to take in here and Clive Webb delivers a fascinating history of his life on Tiswas and so many other things.