Tiswas News
Peter Harris and Barbara Bradbury
Earlier this week, we learnt the sad news of Peter Harris’s passing. The former director had passed away in a care home on Monday morning. While not known to the television-viewing public, Peter was very much a big deal behind the scenes. He didn’t just turn Tiswas into a highly-cherished TV hit. His work for...
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Chris Tarrant
“We have to get Tarrant…” We had been running the live Twitch streams for a few weeks and one of the most popular features were the live guests. This was obvious due to the feedback we had been receiving via the live chat on Twitch, Facebook & Twitter messages and more importantly we had noticed...
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Yeah, it was about time we did something with this website. We’ve been streaming actual Tiswas on Saturday mornings during the UK lockdown, with live guests and classic clips, in aid of NHS Birmingham Children’s Hospital. It’s been really great to see there’s still a dedicated audience out there for Tiswas. The TiswasOnline website has...
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