Tiswas is back on Saturday mornings!

There’s no denying the world is in a rather unusual time. We’re also learning how online video streaming is really vital in this strange situation.

We’ve come to an agreement with a Tiswas rights-holder to host a stream of classic Tiswas on Saturday mornings, from its traditional time of 10:30am and then talk live with guests and famous fans of the show.

It’s all for free and we’re doing this with a charitable aim. We want to raise funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity, a cause close to the heart of Peter Tomlinson – the inventor (and first presenter) of Tiswas.

We begin on Saturday 27th March and we encourage you to donate at www.justgiving.com/TiswasOnline, where proceeds will go directly to the charity – we don’t take any financial reward at all.

If it’s Saturday morning, hit the button below!

You don’t need a Twitch account, but it helps. You’ll need it to join in with the live chat.

We recommend watching on a proper computer (PC or laptop) for the full experience, you’ll be able to chat with other fans, take part in quizzes and also put questions to Tiswas stars. Although you can still watch through other devices…

Many ways to watch…

(Twitch is mainly used by videogamers, but can also be used as a straight video platform. You’ll notice it’s very focused on games!)


Simply click the big button above to get viewing.

Smartphone or tablet

Install the Twitch app, search for ‘TiswasOnline’ and you can watch on your mobile device, whether it’s Android or from Apple.


If you have a Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick plugged into your TV, you can watch our Tiswas stream by casting the Twitch service to it.