Tiswas: The Reunion, in Bristol

Tiswas 2022 Reunion

Chris, Sally, Bob and John at Slapstick Festival 2022

All taking place in ATVL..., er... HTVLand

Yes, you have your chance to see the four core Tiswas members from the show’s ‘imperial phase’ live in person at Bristol’s Slapstick Festival this month! 40 years almost to the day the show breathed its last on ITV.

Taking place at 8pm Saturday 16th April at St George’s in Bristol, the city’s annual Slapstick Festival will play host to a discussion with the presenters, helmed by Andrew Kelly of Bristol Ideas. Tickets range from £12-30, and there’ll be fundraising for Children’s Hospice South West. Just to refresh your memories, your four main Bucketeers are:

  • Chris Tarrant
  • Sally James
  • Bob Carolgees
  • John Gorman

The last time these four were together, was at the Tiswas40 event in Birmingham that members of TiswasOnline helped put together.

Naturally, yes, we will be present. We’ve already had a hand in getting the team together and we’ll be assisting with some charity fundraising at the event.

What are you waiting for? Book your tickets now! You know it makes sense!