All in A Tiswas: Oliver Spencer Jr interview, 23rd May 2020

We’ve interviewed the three Tiswas players from the Spencer family! Oliver Spencer Jr, the youngest of the bunch, was, like his sister Bonnie, a child star on the show and occasionally part of the Nappy Wanderers troupe.

Arts & Spencer

One of the more prolific child performers on Tiswas, Oliver worked on the show for a number of years, right into the final series where he played News At Den newsreader Nosey Parkin, alongside Angela Ripoff.

With a big mop of shaggy blonde hair, Oliver could be used in sketches where a miniature or child version of Chris Tarrant was needed.

In this interview, Oliver talks about his time on the show, his fear of the Phantom Flan Flinger and how he didn’t want to see his father flanned. We also learn that he continued into showbusiness for quite a while after Tiswas, landing many roles in TV commercials and even a prominent part in a famous West End musical!