All in A Tiswas: Oliver Spencer interview, 16th May 2020

As any hardcore follower of ELO knows, Roger Oliver Spencer was the drummer in The Idle Race. How on Earth did he end up at the core of a cult Saturday morning kids’ show?  Andrew Wooding interviews him for our charity lockdown stream.

Oliver's Twist

You might not immediately recognise Oliver Spencer as one of the faces of Tiswas, but you’ve almost certainly seen him. The comic performer was heavily involved as a floor manager and warm-up guy, keeping up the atmosphere when the main Tiswas team were preparing for something else.

Also, he regularly played the part of the Phantom Flan Flinger’s wife, Flanderella. In another on-screen role, he also donned a dress as he parodied canine-loving celebrity Barbara Woodhouse as ‘Barbara Woodshed’.

There are other contributions made, with Oliver’s children being regular players – Bonnie and Ollie were frequent visitors to B1 2JP. As you’ll learn in this interview, Tiswas could be a family affair!