All in A Tiswas: Bonnie Spencer interview, 11th April 2020

Our first live interview on our third charity stream was with Bonnie Spencer, a name you may not be familiar with, but you’ll definitively have seen her face from the ‘classic’ opening titles. She’s the middle one when the three girls get a bucket of water hurled at their faces.

c'est bon...

Tiswas had a troupe of ‘in-house’ child performers, mainly from the Walsall Academy of Dance, who would appear doing song-and-dance numbers. Commonly known as The Nappy Wanderers, these kids would dress up in daft costumes and give the adults a break from presenting and performing.

Bonnie Spencer, along with two other girls, were, the ‘senior’ (if such a term can be applied to children) performers of this group. These three girls were initially known as The Busy Bees.

In this interview with Amy Wake, Bonnie talks about the Friday night rehearsals, her own family connection to Tiswas and how she’s now the star of a long running children’s television franchise that also has its fair share of slapstick anarchy.