All in A Tiswas: Sketch writer David McKellar interview, 5th April 2015

And now for someone whose face you won’t immediately recognise from Tiswas. Some years back, we had the opportunity to chat with comedy writer David McKellar at his home in the south west. The idea was to create a longform documentary on Tiswas, similar to From ATVLand In Colour, but as we were in lockdown and sitting on the recording, we thought we’d air a little bit of this interview on our charity stream on 11th April 2020.

Write on!

Before writing for Tiswas, David McKellar wrote comedy for The Frost Report; The Two Ronnies; The Ken Dodd Show; Celebrity Squares; The Frankie Howerd Show; the Tommy Cooper Show, the Dave Allen Show and many others. He has been cited by Lenny Henry as a tremendous help to his career.

While writing for Tiswas, he was eventually promoted to associate producer. He came up with the rough concept for Tiswas’s successor, the Saturday Show.

In this interview, we touch on Lenny Henry’s praise; why he views Swap Shop as an inadvertant aid to Tiswas; pop stars; pie-averse celebrities; what went wrong with O.T.T. and how the Saturday Show came into being.