All in A Tiswas: John Asher, 4th April 2020

More from our second lockdown Tiswas charity stream, where the frame rate is still very low and we weren’t quite coordinated enough to seamlessly bring in questions and clips. Well, as we go on, we learn, and things get better on the technical standards.

We again drafted in comedian John Dredge to interview another Tiswas presenter. You can watch it all back by watching the video above.

There from the start

Now established as the rebellious cult show that it was the coolest thing for kids to watch back in the day, the early beginnings of Tiswas weren’t so attractive. We tracked down the show’s earliest presenter, John Asher, to tell us about his time on the show, from the first edition in 1974, up to about 1976, when it remained very much a midlands-only affair presented from a barely furnished studio.

John Asher is great in this interview, telling us how himself and Chris Tarrant used to swap seats in a very cramped continuity studio, how they’d review the show each Saturday afternoon to see what worked and the genesis of the show’s slapstick humour.