Stand by your flan…

Yeah, it was about time we did something with this website.

We’ve been streaming actual Tiswas on Saturday mornings during the UK lockdown, with live guests and classic clips, in aid of NHS Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

It’s been really great to see there’s still a dedicated audience out there for Tiswas. The TiswasOnline website has been in mothballs for about several eons now, but we – the team – have never really gone away.

Over the past decade, we’ve got Tiswas clips and compilations broadcast on the telly, be it an obscure Freeview/cable station in the west midlands, to the big broadcasters like ITV, BBC and Channel 4.

And we continue to recover, clean-up and catalogue Tiswas recordings. Yep, 302 Saturday morning editions were transmitted, but only around a tenth of them survive, not always in broadcast-quality format.

Anyway, for as long as the UK has a lockdown, we’ll keep putting out our charity streams of Tiswas from 10:30am every Saturday. We’ve had Chris Tarrant; John Gorman; Clive Webb; Sylvester McCoy; John Asher; Gordon Astley; Ollie Spencer and many others join us live, taking questions from viewers as they come in!

The other priority of course, is to sort this website out!

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